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Marine Corps C2 Systems - URS Corporation

MSIS has been providing support to URS Corporation in Crane, Indiana in the area of software design, development, testing and experimentation.

Mobile Tactical Air Operations Module (MTAOM)

The United States Marine Corps' Mobile Tactical Air Operations Module systems are highly transportable, self-contained mobile vehicular command, control, and communications facilities which provide equipment necessary to plan, direct, and control tactical air operations wherever needed.

Components include Multi-Radar Tracker (MRT) processors, and Tactical Data Link support units, and a compact, modular, five-ounce AYK-14 Replacement Computer circuit card that serves as MTAOM's computing center. MSIS personnel are responsible for updating MTAOM technical manuals as the systems are upgraded, ensuring that repairs can be made quickly with up-to-date, accurate information.

Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S)

The Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S) was developed as a modern-day replacement for the previous Marine Air Command and Control System (MACCS). CAC2S is a scalable, modular and flexible communications system with an open-architecture design that can be deployed within 24 hours of receiving a movement order.

Consisting of tactical shelters, software, and common hardware, CAC2S will allow Marine Corps operators to share mission-critical voice, video, sensor, and command and control data in order to integrate aviation and ground combat planning and operations in support of Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

CAC2S has significantly increased battlefield mobility and reduced the physical size and logistical footprint of the MACCS. The system is transportable by Humvee, helicopter, airplane, amphibious ship or landing craft.

MSIS personnel are supporting CAC2S on many levels.

Our engineers and tactical instructors are helping to design CAC2S to meet current US Marine Corps tactical and procedural requirements. They develop training manuals and travel to Marine aviation units to provide instruction on how to effectively set up, use and maintain the command and control system.

MSIS logisticians provide logistics support by managing inventory receiving, tracking and shipping of components.


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