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NASA Independent Verification and Validation Facility - TASC, Inc.

MSIS has been supporting NASA's Fairmont IV&V Facility since 1997. We are currently providing support to NASA as a subcontractor to TASC, Inc.

Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP)

Soil Moisture Active Passive is an Earth-orbiting science mission planned for launch in October/November of 2014 with a three year period planned for collecting data. The spacecraft will provide global measurements of soil moisture and its freeze/thaw state. These measurements will be used to enhance understanding of processes that link the water, energy and carbon cycles, and to extend the capabilities of weather and climate prediction models. SMAP data will also be used to quantify net carbon flux in boreal landscapes and to develop improved flood prediction and drought monitoring.

MSIS staff is supporting the creation of analysis tools that will be used in validation and verification of SMAP system software, and is also assisting with the validation and verification work itself using both traditional and model-based analysis methods.

Software Tools

MSIS is providing support in the role of "software toolsmithing," primarily in the Eclipse environment, by writing customized user interfaces, tool integrations, and model-driven solutions. We are researching and prototyping domain-specific languages (DSL) as well as executable software models for event simulation.


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