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MSIS Federal Government Competencies Summary

This page provides a concise outline of MSIS's federal government experience. Click on a subject in the left-hand column of a table to view a detailed description.

Ongoing Projects

Aegis Weapon System, CSC (NSWC Dahlgren, VA)
Subject Since Knowledge Domain
Aegis Weapon System Tactical Computer 2001 Software engineering: coding, testing, simulation, debugging

NASA Independent Verification and Validation Facility, TASC (Fairmont, WV)
Subject Since Knowledge Domain
Soil Moisture Active Passive 2012 Earth Science
Software Tools:
Custom Integrations and Extensions to the Eclipse Platform
2008 Software engineering, quality assurance

BAE Systems (Rockville, MD)
Subject Since Knowledge Domain
Navy Weapons Direction System 2004 System engineering and system integration agent engineering services

URS (NSWC Crane, IN)
Subject Since Knowledge Domain
Mobile Tactical Air Operations Module 2011 Professional engineering, technical, acquisition engineering and management support services
Common Aviation Command and Control Systems 2011 Engineering, technical and program management support services


Past Projects

Subject Location Knowledge Domain
Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle various IV&V, Human Spaceflight Program
GBOSS (E) System Crane, IN Software development, hardware testing and interfacing
Constellation Fairmont, WV IV&V, Human Spaceflight Program
Global Precipitation Measurement mission (GPM) Fairmont, WV IV&V, Earth Science/Global Precipitation
Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Fairmont, WV IV&V, NASA Rover
Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Fairmont, WV IV&V: system requirements and flight software code analysis
Software Tools:
Project Issue Tracking System (PITS), Risk Management System (RMS)
Fairmont, WV Software engineering, quality assurance
International Space Station (ISS) Fairmont, WV IV&V, External Control Zone (ECZ)
Geostationary Observational Environmental Satellites (GOES) Fairmont, WV IV&V
Advanced Air Transportation Technology (AATT) Fairmont, WV IV&V: requirements extraction, C code analysis, reverse engineering: design documents
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Fairmont, WV IV&V
NASA Genesis Fairmont, WV IV&V
2001 Mars Odyssey Project Fairmont, WV IV&V
Aegis Software Process Improvement various Software processes, procedures, standards, and policies; software training; online training
Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) Fire Control System (FCS) various Software and system security
Checkout and Launch Control System Kennedy Space Center, FL IV&V, Software engineering studies, requirements and test analysis
NSWCDD Aegis Program Office Dahlgren, VA Program Office support, white papers, technical briefings



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