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Project Management

The MSIS team has extensive knowledge and success in performing project management functions and our project managers are on site at NSWC Crane, NSWC Dahlgren, and at the NASA IV&V Facility. We have Project Management experience in software and system IV&V for full project lifecycle IV&V efforts that include: Concept, Requirements, Design, Implementation and Test. Recent successful projects include the MSL Mars Rover Curiosity.

Our experienced Project Managers develop product build plans, develop and maintain product build schedules, and provide regular build status updates to our customers. Our planning documentation includes efforts to be performed, the technical scope & rigor required for each of these efforts, and schedules for completion. We evaluate level of effort to determine the staff needed to complete required tasking.

We create and deliver weekly and monthly reports to our customers regarding the status of our efforts. We interface regularly with our customers regarding any emergent issues that may require changes to the current plan.

Our project managers provide continual oversight of the issues/observations being made by project teams, which are then provided to and discussed with the project point of contact. When a high level scheduled task is complete, a formal report is generated and delivered to the project to provide overall assessment of that task and how the project is progressing.


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