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Training Support

MSIS understands the need to provide efficient and effective training for every warfighter, regardless of experience level. Our skilled instructors and curriculum developers hold certifications in Instruction and the Training Development processes and capitalize on the most contemporary and relevant instructional technologies.

MSIS instructors and training developers are currently engaged in providing military instruction such as Initial Test & Evaluation (IOT&E), New Equipment Training (NET), Instructor and Key Personnel Training (I&KPT), Train-the-Trainer, and over-the-shoulder training for many tactical systems of similar complexity.

Curriculum Development
Our expert staff of experienced Curriculum Developers build training packages based on operational mission-essential tasks, current doctrine, and the Systems Approach To Training (SAT), in order to increase unit and warfighting readiness. We develop performance-based, criterion-referenced instruction and curriculum to ensure that client learning transfers from the instructional setting to the job. MSIS has developed training material for both the Operational Forces and the Supporting Establishments.

Our Curriculum Developers create a Program of Instruction (POI) for each key training event. The POI identifies the training schedule of events and includes a breakdown of individual topics including: learning objectives, time allotted for each session, academic hours by type of instruction, instructional materials required, facility and instructor requirements, media and training support equipment, reference materials, type of instruction (practical exercise, demonstration, lecture), and tools required for each period of instruction.

The POI also serves as a historical record that reflects the continual evolution of the course. This approach provides system operators, crew, and maintainers with the knowledge and skills required to operate and maintain the system and all associated test and support equipment.

Professional Instruction
Our Technical Instructor team delivers, educates, and develops certified students worldwide both formally and informally, with an extensive focus on laboratory, classroom and field environments. Our developmental approach to training is a process for analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating instruction. Central to our training approach are steps designed and tailored to ensure systematic development of quality training packages and products that exceed our customers demands. MSIS instructors implement the tasks, knowledge, and skills required for individual operators, crew, and maintainers and the sustainment of the tactical systems emphasizing hands-on instruction for warfighter’s training and to assess student performance.

Additionally, our team continually develops and employs instructional visual aids that enhance our students’ abilities to perform specific system tasks based on customer demand. We at MSIS strive to enrich our understanding of advanced instructional methodologies to support evolving customer requirements.

Technical Writing
The technical writing staff at MSIS maintains a comprehensive understanding and implementation of the guidelines and criteria of Military Standard (MIL-STD) technical manuals (TM). We offer a suitable variety of TM coverage for military equipment and related components under all mission conditions. In addition, the MSIS technical writing team incorporates technical drawing and schematic content verification for adoption within specific equipment courseware and procedural user manuals based on our customer’s demands.

We develop usable and user-oriented TMs such as System User / Administrator Manuals (SUM & SAMM), Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) and User Guides. In conjunction with the growing technical content specifications of our customer we implement supplementary guidance for TM construction.


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